Safety Floor Tape - 33m

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Wide application: The caution tape can be used indoor and outdoor, in a home, during construction as an entry barrier for safety and parking area and to control crowd
Bright color:  This plastic security tape is Yellow/Black & Red/White striped, so visible from long distance. Can be used in harsh weather conditions such as fog and heavy rain
Ideal for: Builders, miners, ambulance service, for police during a crime scene or in factory area and large public place
Size: 50mm wide x 33 metre long tape roll covers a large area
Package contains 1 Yellow/Black or Red/White warning tape roll.
Yellow & Black Hazard Warning tape is extremely strong and highly adhesive. This stripe is used in the areas that may expose employees to physical or health hazards. The adhesion of this warning barrier is moist-resistant, that is why it brings firmness and strength. The color combination of bright yellow with black makes the people conscious and completely careful.
Red & White hazard warning tape can be used in the areas to be kept clear for safety or compliance reasons. Those areas could be in front of electrical panels, fire fighting equipment, and safety equipment. Red and White color combination gives clear caution at construction places, law enforcement & dangerous areas.

Key Points

Type: Warning barrier tape
Size: 50mm wide x 33m long
Colour: Yellow & Black
Working: Strongly Adhesive
Use: Safety Caution