Washing & Care Instructions


We all want our freshly customised item to retain its colour and stay vibrant for as long as possible. In this post, we will go through some, easy to follow tips to keep your branded garments colourful and vibrant for longer and get the most out of your purchase.


Garment Care Instructions


1. Turn your clothes inside out before putting in them in the washing machine.

This trick will provide more “protection” and less direct contact of the garment branding to other garments. This simple step is easy and effective, it will ensure that branded items are more durable. .


2. Wash your t-shirts with cold water.

When it comes to washing garments, cold water is always much better than hot or warm water. There is really no need to wash your t-shirts in hot water, cold water will do the job in most cases. This will help to prevent differences in shrinkage in branding and the garment itself.


3. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.

Regular detergent will do. It is enough to make your garments clean and fresh. The use of bleach or strong detergents like softeners might damage prints on a shirt like vinyl prints. Go for a milder detergent that will take care of your branded items.


4. Do not iron garment prints.

Never iron directly on garment prints. If there is really a need to iron, lower the temperature settings of the iron, turn the t-shirt inside out and iron. Again, heat is always bad for printed items, prolonged ironing will damage the prints, causing them to peel.


5. Avoid dryers at all cost.

Dryers are great as they save us time, however, it is particularly terrible for garments and their prints. As mentioned throughout this post, heat is always bad for prints! They shrink garments as well as damage prints, making them crack or peel. Dryers will also affect stitching differently to the garment and it is possible that this may cause a 'c' effect in your embroidery.

Hang dry your clothes the old fashion way, the best method. If you have to tumble dry, please do on the coolest possible setting.

If you have a large embroidery area, DO NOT tumble dry.


6. Wash similar clothes together

An example is to wash white coloured shirts together, and not mixing them with other coloured shirts. Avoid washing jeans or harsher fabric with printed garments. Harsher fabrics like denim may cause prints to peel when rubbed with softer fabric or prints during washing. Sequins are especially bad for embroidery as they tend to catch whilst on a spin setting.


7. Follow the instructions

In all instances, please make sure that you follow this guide and also keep an keen eye on the individual item wash instructions, as some items may have stricter instructions. I.E Hi Viz items have a certain amount of washes before the become non compliant.